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Executing Strategies in a Global Environment Essay

Theoretical This paper will break down Federal Expresss esteem creation outskirts, and figure out which of the four structure squares of upper hand the organization needs so as to proceed with their better than expected gainfulness. It will likewise investigate the fundamental part of item separations and limit control of the organization to keep up an edge on their opponents. Moreover, for this task I will endeavor look at the effectiveness of FedExs current plan of action and suggest another business level procedure that will give Federal Express an upper hand over it rivals. Likewise, this paper will likewise analyze the way where by and large, worldwide rivalry may impact my suggested business system and I will propose a noteworthy way that Federal Express can go up against its worldwide rivalry. Presentation Government Express started working in 1973, under the authority of Fred Smith Jr. Prior to Federal Express, a significant segment for little bundling airfreight flew on business traveler flights. Fred Smith accepted that these two administrations ought to be dealt with in an unexpected way, in light of the fact that the business traveler and freight shipper had various necessities. The business traveler they needed the comfort of daytime flights. With respect to the payload shippers, they favored night administrations, which would manage the cost of them late evening pickups and 24 hour conveyance (Hill,2013). Since little bundle airfreight just went out dependent on the business flight planning, it was hard for load shippers to accomplish 24 hour conveyance. To cure the transportation issue payload shippers had Smith expected to assemble a framework that could accomplish 24 hour conveyance of little bundle airfreight (Hill,2013). Today Federal Express has developed from an expedited service organization to a worldwide calculated and flexibly chain the board organization (Crane, et al., 2003). Throughout the years Federal Express had the option to develop through acquistions and huge investmenst in data technoloy. The organization was likewise ready to stand apart from the lay best on their plan of action work autonomously, contend all things considered. Smith fragmented his compnay into 6 different component FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services, which permitted every segment to concentrate all alone maket portion. By dividing of every segment it gave Federal express the oppurtunity to concentrate more on client. Despite the fact that Federal Express 6 distinct segments worked seperatley the contended together under FedEx Corporation. Government Expresss Value Creation Frontier and Their Four Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage Federal Express benefit relies upon three factors: T he worth a client puts on their administrations, the value Federal Express charges for their administrations, and the cost Federal Express needs to bring about to deliver the administrations they give (Hll and Jones, 2013). The more great these variables are the more worth is offered on Federal Expresss item. To precisely esteem, a companys item the executives must recognize the distinction among utility and value (Hill and Jones, 2013). Utility is the clients fulfillment or joy with utilizing or claiming a companys item or administrations. Government Express has gotten down to business by making transporting simpler and helpful for their client. Today we can discover drop off boxes before places of business and little neighborhood transporting stores. Having drop off boxes offers the client whenever drop offs and no holding up time. Government Express has likewise put vigorously in development to add to the clients experience (Crane, et al., 2003). The choice of remote innovation and the capacity to follow conveyances and timetable singles out the companys site gives the client delivering directly readily available. For their worldwide client Federal Express can offer delivery alternative to in excess of 200 organizations. The costs Federal Express set for their administrations are higher than huge numbers of their rivals. Government Express estimating is viewed as a superior, which mirrors the excellent degree of administration FedEx gives (Crane, et al., 2003). In light of FedEx position, their superior valuing is justified, despite all the trouble, however they neglect to understand their extremely value touchy client who may go with an increasingly less expensive alternative for specific administrations (UPS). For this situation it make it hard for Fedex to champion dependent on marking and the amenties they offer. They may need to think about an alternate method to differeinate themselves from the competitior. Since Federal Expresss development and client, fulfillment accompanies a significant expense tag. Their arrival on contributed capital (ROIC) is exceptionally low contrasted with its greatest rival UPS. In 2011, FedEx ROIC was 7.41% and UPS was 19.39% (Hill, 2013). Some state in time the cash FedEx spent to develop their organization, innovation framework, and consumer loyalty may before long result. The other positive side is that FedEx spending and securing costs have made it difficult for new organizations to enter and contend in the bundling business Along with esteem creation, an organization must exceed expectations in the four structure square of upper hand productivity, quality, development, and client responsiveness. How well an organization acts in these four regions will decide their productivity and upper hand over the contender. These four conventional structure squares are a result of a companys unmistakable capabilities, which will permit an organization to separate its item and lower its cost structure (Hill and Jones, 2013). Thus, support an upper hand and better gainfulness results over their rival. While deciding a companys productivity we can take a gander at the stuff (contributions) to create an item or administrations (yields). As per Hill and Jones, the more effective an organization is the less data sources it required to deliver a specific yield. The most widely recognized approach to quantify a companys proficiency is through worker efficiency the out frown created per representative (Hill and Jones, 2013). While looking at FedEx effectiveness they were the principal bundling organization to put resources into innovation that empowered their workers to get to organization data remote 24 hours every day. This remote element likewise permits the worker to gather bundling information, which permits representatives to rapidly enter bundles into the companys bundle following framework, which decreases the chance of blunder (Crane, et al., 2003). With respect to FedEx administration, they can be audit by its highlights, execution, toughness, dependability, style, and configuration (Hill and Jones, 2013). These highlights are utilized by clients to decide the quality degree of the administrations that are offered by FedEx. In light of FedExs history, spending to fabricate its foundation, and premium evaluating FedEx is focused on offering an assistance of top notch standings. FedEx has additionally put intensely in new advancements, which will improve their administrations, make it progressively dependable, and important to its clients (Amsler, Cullen, and Erdmenger, 2010). A model that show FedEx is about quality is their innovation endeavors, for example, following conveyances on their site, and offering helpful transportation at the clients fingertips. As referenced before FedEx is about development. They are into making new services and procedures to make dispatching simple and advantageous for their clients. One of their significant speculations is the joint endeavor with University of Memphis. College of Memphis and FedEx have joined and shaped the FedEx Institute of Technology. This speculation will guarantee that FedEx won't be allowed in dim with regards to new innovation (Crane, et al., 2003). With regards to consumer loyalty FedEx attempts to distinguish their client needs. FedEx heard the clients requested for an increasingly helpful method of delivery. FedEx has broadened drop off occasions by three hours, offer drop off boxes, and the capacity for client to plan pickups on FedExs site. The main disappointment is the top notch evaluating set on their administrations. FedEx neglect to stick to the requests of their cost delicate clients. These are the clients who just consideration about modest conveyance administrations. This gathering of individuals may utilize FedEx if all else fails for their delivery needs. Item Differentiation The thought behind item separation is making an item that fulfills the clients needs (Hill and Jones, 2013). All together for an organization to get an upper hand they should offer an item that preferred satistfies the clients need over its opponent. At the point when an organization makes a stratergy that includes advancement, execellence, quality, and client responsiveness they are offering custumers separation item. When the a companys stratergy is tied in with discovering approaches to build proficiency and reliablity to diminish cost they are offering the client low valued item (Hill and Jones,2013). On account of Federal Express their stratergy isn't tied in with offering a low estimated item, however offering an item that is inventive, satisfies a high guideline of execellence, high caliber, and putting together the item with respect to the clients need. Government Express comprehended the significance of separation. Since their technique did not depend on offering a low costing item Federal Express needed to concentrate on data innovation. Today clients are keen on observing their shipments, assessing appearance times, cost and cost of shipments. These components are critical to most organizations and shoppers just as the security of their conveyance (Crane, et al., 2003). To fulfill the requirements of their clients and to stand apart from their rival FedEx has invested vigorously in the innovation foundation, which gives choices to clients to follow and approve shipments at their PC. Government Express strives to make a top notch level of administration that is hard for their opponent to coordinate (Crane, et al., 2003). Throughout the years, FedEx has been known as a pioneer in the transportation part, and giving an elevated level of value administrations. Due to FedExs more significant expenses the degree of servi

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District Size And The Distribution Of Seats Essay Example for Free

Locale Size And The Distribution Of Seats Essay The size of the locale or the region greatness alludes to the quantity of contender to be chosen from that region. Contingent upon this number of seats, they can either be alluded to as single-part or multimember areas. A solitary part locale has a solitary seat while the multimember regions have a few seats with the base number being two; a two-part region. Appointive procedure equations; majority and lion's share recipes can be applied to both this kind of locale while the relative portrayal (PR) and the single non-transferable vote (SNTV) are applied to just multimember regions running from two-part regions to the entire country where all the individuals from parliament are chosen from (Lijphart, pg. 150). The region size strongly affects proportionality and the quantity of gatherings in two regards (Lijphart, pg. 50). Studies conveyed put by Horwill (1925) and, Taagepera and Shugarts (1989) have emphatically bolstered this. As a matter of first importance, it influences both majority and PR frameworks yet in a repudiating way. While expanding the size of the locale will build disproportionality by preferring the bigger gatherings with the utilization of majority and lion's share frameworks, it is the other way around with the PR frameworks as it prompts more prominent relatively by preferring the littler gatherings. A genuine guide to represent this as to majority is a challenge between party An and B in a zone where An appreciates a more noteworthy notoriety than B. An is probably going to take all the seats if the region is a three-part locale which is probably not going to be the situation if the region is isolated into three single-part regions; B might have the option to catch one. In most majority cases, multimember regions are littler than single-part areas with uncommon cases being found in nations like Mauritius (Lijphart, pg. 151). It has twenty three-part regions and one two-part locale delivering a sum of sixty-two lawmakers. It ought to be noticed that multimember regions have been on the decrease due the way that it expands disproportionality. Nonetheless, it ought to be noticed that in Mauritius that the three-part regions have improved another sort of proportionality by empowering gatherings and gathering collusions to select ethnically and strictly adjusted states (Lijphart, pg. 152) which has brought about a superior portrayal of the minority gatherings. Another point to note is that the size of the area fluctuates enormously in the PR frameworks not at all like in majority and lion's share frameworks (Lijphart, pg. 152) having it effect more prominent on the proportionality being accomplished. A gathering speaking to a 10 percent minority is probably going to be effective in a ten-part area which may not be the situation in a five-part region. An across the country region in this way is ideal for a corresponding interpretation of votes into seats (Lijphart, pg. 152) with Israel and Netherlands being the two models with such PR frameworks. Two degrees of areas are typically utilized by numerous individuals of the rundown PR nations to appreciate the upsides of a closer voter-delegate contact in little regions and the higher proportionality of enormous across the country regions (Lijphart, pg. 152). Bigger regions improve proportionality in the littler regions as on account of blended part corresponding (MMP) frameworks yet they are less articulated in the littler multimember list PR regions than in the MMP single-part locale. Denmark, Norway and Sweden are instances of nations applying the two-layered rundown PR frameworks with an across the nation region.

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40 Advanced and Alternative Search Engines

40 Advanced and Alternative Search Engines There’s tons of information on the internet, and without search engines, it would be next to impossible to find much of this information.When you mention the term search engine, most people automatically think of Google, and this is not in any way surprising.Owing to its high personalized user experience, dominant advertising platform, and powerful algorithms, Google has become a behemoth in the search industry, accounting for about 89% of search traffic, according to search engine rankings by Statista.In addition to Google, the other two big players in the search market in the United States are Bing and Yahoo.With these three capturing majority of the search traffic, it is easy to assume that there is no room for any other players. However, these are not the only reliable search engines.There are numerous other advanced and alternative search engines, some of which allow you to do much more than you can using the big three search engines, and others which cater to niche requiremen ts.Knowing some of these alternative search engines and their specific features make it easier for you to find information you are looking for without spending valuable time browsing through tons of endless stuff.For instance, if you are looking for word documents or PDF files, it is much easier to search for them on a document-oriented search engine rather than on a general search engine.Similarly, if you are looking for social media content, it is much easier to find it when using a social oriented search engine.With knowledge about the different search engines and their features, you can found just about anything you are looking for on the internet.Below, we have compiled for you a list of 40 advanced and alternative search engines, grouped by their category.GENERAL SEARCH ENGINESBefore going into niche specific search engines, let’s start by looking at some alternative search engines that you can use for your general search.1. DuckDuckGo With online privacy increasingly becoming a concern, DuckDuckGo has recently gained a lot of popularity due to its privacy focused features.Unlike Google, which keep a record of everything you do online, DuckDuckGo does not track your search queries or results.In addition, they don’t use your search data to target you with ads. DuckDuckGo also has a highly intuitive, easy-to-use user interface. If you are concerned about your online privacy, this is the best search engine for you. Their privacy features are so advanced that DuckDuckGo is the default browser for the privacy focused Tor Browser.2. Search Encrypt If you are looking for a privacy-focused search engine but have your reservations against using DuckDuckGo, Search Encrypt is a great alternative.Search Encrypt ensures your searches remain private by locally encrypting your searches before they are redirected to the Search Encrypt search engine.This means it is impossible for anyone snooping on your network to access your se arch terms. What’s more, all your search results on Search Encrypt expire after 15 minutes and can no longer be accessed by anyone.3. Dogpile Unlike the others in the list, Dogpile is not exactly a search engine in itself. Instead, it is a search aggregator. When you search for information on Dogpile, it aggregates results from other popular search engines and presents the information in a clean organized list.This saves you the trouble of having to search for the same information on multiple search engines.4. Ecosia Like its name suggests, Ecosia is a search engine that is geared towards environmental conservation efforts. It gives you a chance to contribute to environmental conservation by doing nothing more than searching for information online.All the surplus income that Ecosia earns is dedicated towards tree planting initiatives. According to Ecosia, one tree is planted by the Ecosia community every 7 seconds.The Ecosia search engine uses its own search algorithms in conjunction with Bing search algorithms.5. Qwant This is another search engine that is focused on user privacy.According to the their privacy policy, Qwant does not place any cookies on your computer or use any other tracking devices that would it make it possible for them to create a profile of you or your browsing habits.In addition, your search terms and your search history do not get recorded or stored. All all your searches are also instantly dissociated from your IP address to anonymize the search.Qwant allows you to create an account that allows you to customize your preferences, language, and so on. However, even when logged into your Qwant account, your settings and preference are stored locally on your computer, rather than on the Qwant servers.6. Yandex Though it is most extensively used in Russia, its native country (it controls 60% of Russian search market share), Yandex is the fifth most popular search engine across the world.It is a user-friendly search engine that allows you to search for all kinds of information online.Just like Google, it also offers services like translation, maps, cloud storage, and so on.7. Peekier This is yet another search engine that is focused on user security and privacy, which are two major concerns for internet users today.Just like the other privacy-focused search engines discussed above, Peekier does not track your browsing sessions or keep a record of any information that could be used to identify you, such as your unique IDs, your browser’s user agent, or your IP address.While your search queries are temporarily stored for caching purposes, they are not associated with any personally identifiable information. Peekier does not store your search history and does not use any cookies.In addition, Peekier does not use any services that collect user data, such as external CDNs, social buttons, or analytics suites. Peekier pulls its search results from Bing.8. Wolfram Alpha Wolfram Alpha is a search engine whose results are based on computational knowledge and metrics. Unlike most other search engines, which simply cache web pages, Wolfram Alpha curates data and facts about various topics from external sources.Whether you are looking for sports statistics, stock data, website data, unit conversions, or historical information by date, Wolfram Alpha ensures you get factually accurate information.Wolfram Alpha also allows you to compute answers, perform all sorts of calculations, perform complex analyses and generate detailed reports about whatever information you were searching for.In addition, the information available on Wolfram Alpha is categorized by topics to make it easier for you to find.9. Gibiru This is yet another search engine that is focused on ensuring user privacy. Gibiru does not store records of user searches on their servers. They also don’t place cookies on your computer or log your IP address.This means that you don’t have to worry about your data being sold to third parties or being used to target you with ads. In addition, Gibiru has an awesome feature known as Proxy IP service, which constantly changes your IP address for anonymized searches.10. Gigablast The most distinctive thing about Gigablast is that it is an open source search engine.It provides fast results and provides a retro look, which is somewhat similar to the now-defunct Google Instant. One study even found that Gigablast search results to be better than results from Google and Ask.com.11. StartPage This search engine is a lot similar to DuckDuckGo due to the fact that it is also highly focused on user privacy.Just like DuckDuckGo, StartPage does not track or store your browsing data, and you won’t be targeted with ads based on what you are searching for.In addition to search, Startpage also has a proxy service that makes it possible for you to surf the web anonymously.12. Ask Initially started as Ask Jeeves, Ask is a search engine that provides information in QA format.The good thing with this approach is that it makes it possible to conduct natural language searches, which makes Ask quite a user-friendly search engine.In addition to giving you results related to your search terms, Ask will also give you other questions related to your search that are frequently asked by other users.13. DisconnectDisconnect is not really a search engine. Instead, it is a service that allows you to search for information from other search engines while allowing you to remain anonymous.When you conduct a search on Disconnect, your search is anonymized and rerouted by Disconnect, and then transferred to your chosen search engine.This way, the actual search engine that delivers the results cannot keep track of you, because they do not know you.14. Swisscows Based in Switzerland, this is another privacy focused search engine that does not store any of your data, such as your search data or your IP address.What’s more, with its serves located in Switzerland, you can bet that it offers great security, since Switzerland has some of the strictest privacy policies in the world.To make results even more relevant, Swisscows even puts semantic information into consideration when performing searches.It also has built in violence and pornography filters, which makes it a great choice for parents who want to put restrictions on what their kids can search for.SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIFIC SEARCH ENGINESSocial media is a sea of information. Every single minute, over 3.3 million posts are updated on Facebook, over 65,000 photos are uploaded on Instagram, and close to 500,000 tweets are sent.This is a lot of data, and if you need to look for some specific information from this sea of data, you need some specialized search tools.Below are some of the best sea rch engines you can use to search for information on specific social networks.15. Facebook Search Facebook has a very powerful search engine that allows you to find information posted on the social network.To use this search engine, all you need is to type your search terms in the Facebook search bar.The Facebook search engine also gives you the option of using filters to sort the search results based on parameters such as upload date, source, group, pages, tagged location, people, and so on.This tool is the best way of finding information on the world’s largest social network.16. LinkedIn People Search LinkedIn is the best social network for professional networking.However, with over 610 million users, and over 300 million active users, finding the people you are looking for can be a bit hectic without a proper search tool. This is where the LinkedIn People Search comes in.With this search engine, you can search for people and sort the results by language, relationship, industry, company, location, seniority level, and so on.Premium members have access to even more advanced search options. They can filter results using filters such as company size, groups, years of experience, and so on.17. LinkedIn Job Search In addition to professional networking, LinkedIn is also a great place to look for job opportunities, with over 20 million open jobs posted on the platform. The LinkedIn Job Search allows you to find information about these jobs.The search engine also allows you to filter the job search results using information such as the industry, location, company, and so on. You can also customize the search so as to see the most relevant results based on your level of experience.18. LinkedIn Content Search Aside from people and jobs, LinkedIn also allows users to share professional content with their followers.The LinkedIn Content Search allows users to search for and find relevant user generated content based on their search keywords.19. Twitter Search With over 500 million tweets being sent every minute, it can be a bit difficult to find relevant information on the micro-blogging site.However, the Twitter advanced search makes it a lot easier to find whatever information you are looking for.What’s more, you can even find geography-specific information using the “Near this place” option.SOCIAL SEARCHThe social media search engines we just looked at above are great when you want to find information within a specific social network.Sometimes, however, you want to search for information on multiple social networks.For instance, if you are a business owner who wants to learn what customers are saying about your business on social media, you need to conduct searches on multiple social networks.However, searching individually on each network can be burdensome.In this case, your best option is to use a social search engine.Some great social search engines include:20. Social Mention Social Mention allows you to search across multiple platforms for all kinds of user-generated content, such as news, status updates, tweets, bookmarks, comments, blogs, videos, images, and so on.This tool is great for finding the topics people are talking about, as well as following what people are saying about your business online.Once you perform your search, all the content from multiple platforms is presented as a single stream of information.21. Keyhole This search engine allows you to search various social platforms for things like mentions, hashtags, keywords, and URLs.Keyhole is a great tool for brand monitoring, campaign monitoring, event monitoring, and market research.Using Keyhole, you can search for hashtags, mentions, URLs, and keywords on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on.22. Buzzsumo This is another great search engine for social content.With Buzzsumo, you simply type a topic you are interested in and you will see the most shared articles that are related to that topic.Buzzsumo also comes with a premium version that gives you access to more advanced search tools.23. Social SearcherThis search engine is great for searching for trending links and mentions across various social media platforms. It is a great tool for monitoring your brand as well as monitoring what social media users are saying about your business, brand, product, or service.24. Spokeo This is another great search engine for searching through social platforms.It is great for finding people’s profiles on various social networks.Simply enter a person’s first or last name, email address, username, or phone number, and Spokeo will give you results showing all the various social profiles associated with your search query.25. Anoox Anoox is a search engine that allows you to search for topics and find what conversations people are having around the topic on various social platforms.Anoox also doubles as a social platform itself, which means you can also ask questions and receive answers from other Anoox users.BLOG AND FORUM SEARCH ENGINESBlogs have also gone mainstream, with over 4.4 million blog posts getting published each single day.Below are search engines you can use to find relevant blogs.26. Blog Search Engine This search engine allows you to use keywords to search for blogs and blog posts. Blog Search Engine also allows you to submit your own blogs to their database or subscribe to an RSS feed on whatever topic you are interested in.27. TwinglyThis is another blog search engine that allows you to find blogs by searching for relevant keywords. In addition to blogs, Twingly also keeps track of forums, news sites, and so on.At the moment, Twingly keeps track of updates from over 5 million blogs, over 110,000 news and media sites, and over 11,500 forums.28. Boardreader BoardReader is a search engine that allows users to search for topics and conversations on various forums.Simply enter your search terms and BoardReader will bring up all relevant results from multiple forums. It also gives you the option of sorting these results by language, date, and so on.SEARCH ENGINES FOR ATTACHMENTSSometimes, you might be interested in search results that have downloadable attachments, such as PDFs, Word documents, presentations, eBooks, and so on.While you can find such attachments by applying filters on Google, there are some alternative search engines that are dedicated to this kind of content. These include:29. Scribd This is a social reading and publishing platform that is perfect for finding original content on the internet. On Scribd, you can search for books, articles, documents, audiobooks, magazines, and even sheet music. What’s more, most of this content is downloadable. Their search feature even allows you to filter your results by file type, language, category, cost, date of upload, length, and so on.30. Slideshare Owned by LinkedIn, Slideshare is an online community for sharing presentations. Simply type the topic you are interested in on the search bar and you will discover tons of presentations and visual content around the topics.IMAGE SEARCH ENGINESIf you are looking for images to use on your project, below are some of the top search engines you can use to find awesome images from across the internet:31. Google Image Search This is perhaps the most popular image search engine. To access it, simply search for something on Google and then click on the images tab. With the Google image search, you can filter the results by size, color, type (clip art, gifs, line drawings, etc.), upload time, usage rights, and so on.32. Flickr This is an image focused search engine that also doubles as a social media channel. While the search results are restricted to images within the Flickr network, it is still one of the best options for searching for images.You can even filter your results to only view images that have the Creative Commons license.33. PinterestThis is another awesome platform for searching for images. Simply search for whatever interests you â€" cars, house designs, tattoos, you name it â€" and Pinterest will give you numerous image results related to your search topic. What’s more, you even have the option of pinning interesting images to your favorites, so that you can easily find them next time.34. TinEye This is a reverse image search engine that allows you to upload an image and find out everywhere else it appears online.If you have an image and would like to know where it came from, or if you are a creative who wants to know how your images are being used, this is the perfect search engine for you.35. Picsearch PicSearch can be compared to the Google Images Advanced Search.Simply type in whatever term you are interested in and PicSearch will find all associated images on the internet. PicSearch claims to have an index of over 3 billion images.36. Bing Advanced Image Search This is the image search feature of the general Bing search engine.You can access it by simply searching for something on Bing and then clicking on the images tab.This search engine also gives you the option of filtering results by layout, size, date, license, and so on.CREATIVE COMMONS SEARCH ENGINESIf you want to find images and photos you can use freely on your site or project without having to worry about intellectual rights, you need to look for images with the creative commons license.Below are some search engines that will help you to easily find Creative Commons images.37. Creative Commons Search The Creative Commons search engine crawls through other search engines such as Flickr, Google, Pixabay, Wikimedia, and so on and only gives you results of images that are under the creative commons license. Still, before using the images, it is advisable to confirm that they are actually under this license.38. Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons is a repository of that contains a collection of freely usable images, videos, and sound clips.Simply type your search terms on the search bar and Wikimedia will bring you free to use images associated with your search terms.VIDEO SEARCHVideo has become one of the most consumed types of media on the internet, with more than 500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube every single minute, without taking into consideration other sites. Below are some search engines you can use to search for video files:39. YouTube Not only is YouTube the largest video sharing platform, it is also one of the largest search engines.Every single month, YouTube processes over 3 billion searches, and has even been dubbed the second largest search engine.Whatever topics you are interested in, simply search for it on YouTube and you’ll find videos related to the topic.40. 360 Daily If you are looking for video content that is not on YouTube, then 360 Daily is your best bet.This search engine indexes videos posted on hundreds of video sites.WRAPPING UPThere is no doubt Google is the best and most powerful search engine on the internet.Unfortunately, using Google comes at a cost.Google constantly tracks your online behavior and uses this data to personalize the search experience for you and target you with ads.Most people do not think this is a huge concern, but if you are a focused on your privacy, using the alternative search engines covered in this article can help you hide from Google’s prying eyes.Aside from allowing you to keep your data from Google, some of the alternative search engines covered in this article also act as specialty tools that allow you to perform niche searches based on what you are looking for.

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Text For Thought Employee Communications - 1701 Words

TEXT for THOUGHT EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS HANDBOOK TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1 – INTRODUCTION †¢ Changes in Communication Policy SECTION 2 – HOW TO DETERMINE YOUR AUDIENCE †¢ How to Assess an Audience SECTION 3 - FORMAL INFORMAL COMMUNICATION †¢ Basic Guidelines SECTION 4 – WRITTEN COMMUNICATIONS (Internal External) †¢ Email Guidelines SECTION 5 – TIPS FOR EFFECTIVE LISTENING AND FEEDBACK †¢ Explanation of listening and feedback process SECTION 6 – INTERPRETING NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION †¢ Explanation of non-verbal communication SECTION 7 – EFFECTIVE INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION †¢ Importance of intercultural Communication SECTION 1- INTRODUCTION- Changes in Communication policy This handbook has been prepared by Human Resources, to familiarize employees with protocols relating to various methods and, or guidelines of communication both internally and externally that will be adhered to by all Text for Thought personnel. All employees are responsible for reading, understanding and following the guidelines set forth in the handbook. The objective of the Company is to create a stronger communication structure that will result in increased revenue and a work environment where every employee feels comfortable working in. This handbook supersedes all previous employee handbooks and memos relating to communication policy and procedures. Changes to the handbook can be made only by senior management by committee. SECTION 2 – HOW TO DETERMINE YOURShow MoreRelatedDetermine Your Audience Essay1022 Words   |  5 Pagesfor buried treasure without a map. You’re putting yourself out there, and you’re taking action, but you lack a particular goal. The audience, is one of the most critical components in organizational communication, both internally and externally. As such, it is essential for employees at Text for Thought to learn how to determine an audience. One strategy to determine your audience is to discover who your audience is. Does your audience contain a single mother making less than $30,000 a year? A retiredRead MoreThe Culture At Lincoln Electric Company1120 Words   |  5 Pagesproduction as well as any safety concerns. In the earlier years a employee bonus plan was put forth. It took more than one try to find the right kind of plan to work, but when it did it was a success. The employee bonus plan has been a boost to the employee’s salary. Piece work is a policy that has been around since the early days. Culture equals atmosphere in a place of work. The atmosphere directly controls in part the behavior of the employee. The culture that has been created and cultivated at LincolnRead MorePenn Foster Exam 05002300 Essay1091 Words   |  5 Pagesaccount executive, increasing client complaints about quality of work, productivity and demoralization of employees within that branch. II. Site visit to Roanoke branch was performed in order to investigate issues. A. Preformed one-on-one employee interviews in order understand the reasons behind declining morale within the branch. 1. Conducted interviews with four out of six employees from the Accounts Management department. 2. Interviewed the general manager of Roanoke branch. Read MoreEssay about Successful Management of the Passive Aggressive Employee 1552 Words   |  7 Pagestoday is the ability to handle every challenging employee situation with the appropriate communication and actions. One of the most difficult types of employees to manage is the Passive-Aggressive who refuses to accept constructive feedback and tries to stir up discontent among other employees. In order to be successful in the management of the Passive Aggressive Employee, there has to be a planned approach, which includes effective communication, consequences, and actions. This article discussesRead MoreHow Instant Messaging ( Im ) And Texting990 Words   |  4 Pageseach message, but I am confident that if my direct assistance is required, I will receive an email requesting my immediate attention. As for texting, test team members often text one another when conducting various technology assessment/test events. Texting is an effective way for data collectors to share information/ thoughts about ongoing activity without the test participants being privy to the information being discussed. Texting in my workplace environment is a replacement tool for the two-wayRead MoreWhat Has Caused the Increased Use of Digital Technology over the Last 2 Decades and What Effects Has This Had on How Communication Occurs?912 Words   |  4 PagesOver the last two decades, digital technology has become an essential part of people’s daily life and has caused an enormous influence on how the communication occurs. According to the research of the International Telecommunication Union(ITU), there were only 500 million mobile users in the 2000,but ten years later in the 2010,this number reached 4.6 billion(2010).Digital technology is a base two process, because the digitized information is re corded in binary code which is the combination of theRead MoreMary Parker Follett s Leadership907 Words   |  4 Pages Mary Parker Follett had approached management in a different view than most managers of her time. Rather than seeing conflict as just that, a conflict, she thought a conflict could be a good thing. Mary believed that managing was not about dominating the employees, nor compromising with them but rather stating each of the preferences a person holds and striving to meet each of the personal needs together. She also believed that when a manager is giving orders, they need to thoroughly discuss theRead MoreOrganizational Theory and Communication Theory684 Words   |  3 PagesWhen a company newly hires an employee, there is a certain degree of expectation from both the employee and employer. These expectations are either discussed during meetings or simply implied. The intercommunication between supervisor and subordinate depends on the company’s management s tyle. According to Renis Likert, â€Å"the system 4 management theory contains management styles that range from low concern for workers to high concern for workers† (Enfante, Rancer Avtgis, 2010, p. 305). Whether orRead MoreMy Knowledge Of Supervision At The Manufacturing Industry For Five Years1577 Words   |  7 Pagesmanager for FATHOM where I supervise a marketing team ranging in size from three to four people. The roles in this department include marketing assistants, event coordinator, and intern. My responsibilities include hiring, onboarding, development, communication, performance appraisals, and firing. For three years at Bishop-Wisecarver, I supervised the marketing department also ranging in size from three to four people with similar duties as at FATHOM. As a supervisor, I have learned how to help employeesRead MoreOverview of Demonstrative Communication990 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction Demonstrative communication in basic terms includes both unwritten and nonverbal communication. This text concerns itself with demonstrative communication. In so doing, it will highlight such things as body language, voice tone, facial expressions, etc. Further, the paper will in addition to discussing the effectiveness of demonstrative communication also address how the same involves listening and responding. Communication: A Brief Overview Communication does not have an assigned

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Hume s Theory Of Free Will And Moral Responsibility

What does Hume mean by ‘the liberty of spontaneity’ (Treatise, II.3.2,  ¶1)? Would possessing it suffice for us to have free will? David Hume was a Scottish philosopher who was largely active in the eighteenth century. While Hume is largely remembered as being part of the empiricist movement that comprised of John Locke and George Berkeley, which largely focussed on the belief that knowledge came from our sensory experiences; this essay will focus on Hume’s work regarding the concept of free will and moral responsibility. It will do this by introducing Hume’s compatibilism and his term ‘the liberty of spontaneity’, in doing so this essay will also explain Hume’s argument against libertarianism. Next, this essay will evaluate Hume’s arguments to determine whether or not possessing the liberty of spontaneity leads to free will. In his second treatise, Hume discusses the passions of the mind and how the internal mind operates, in doing this he moves on to the impression of will. It is this discussion that led to Hume’s questioning of the current belief in free will and moral responsibility. By ‘the will’ Hume meant: †¦ I mean nothing but the internal impression we feel and are conscious of, when we knowingly give rise to any new motion of our body, or new perception of our mind. The question Hume wanted to answer was whether or not our experience of the will is influenced by prior causes because this would appear to threaten our ability to be responsible for those choices.Show MoreRelatedFree Will Compatible With Determinism Essay1634 Words   |  7 PagesElizabeth Donis Professor Ryan Hay Phil. 190 11 December, 2015 Free Will Compatible With Determinism Free will – a concept that always brings forth the question, â€Å"Does free will exist?† There are various arguments that come from both sides of the discussion, those in favor of free will based on religious text, and those that can argue that free will is a concept and ideal created to give humans the illusion that they have the ability to choose what they can do in life.The questionRead MoreDeterminism And Its Effects On Society957 Words   |  4 Pagesstood for Hard determinism was convinced that no free wills were available for anything in the universe. Those â€Å"Free will† existed in people’s mind were built on illusions, since they had ignored the actual causes for them. The hard determinism could apply to everything we neither might encounter in the past nor in present time. But I think the laws were found or formed by ourselves since the revolutions of the human societies in thousands of years, it s not correct to say that no choices are ever madeRead MoreDeterminism, Soft Determinism And Libertarianism982 Words   |  4 Pagesstood for Hard determinism was convinced that no free wills were available for anything in the universe. Those â€Å"Free will† existed in people’s mind were built on illusions, since they had ignored the actual causes to them. The hard determinism could apply to everything we neither might encountered in the past nor in present time. But I think the laws were found or formed by ourselves since the evolutions of the human societies in thousands years, it s not correct to say that no choices are ever madeRead MoreDeterminism of Human Behavior Essay1176 Words   |  5 Pagesthere are two theories in particular that are highly debated with each other. One argument is that behaviour is determined through free will, known as libertarianism. Free will, by definition, is the notion that we are free to make our own decisions and are thus in control of our behaviour. By this, however, it is not meant that you can behave in a way completely out of your ability (like lay an egg or fly) just because you are in control; it means free will in the senseRead MoreLiberalism, The Political Philosophy On Ideas Of Equality And Liberty1573 Words   |  7 PagesLiberalism Liberalism is the political philosophy on ideas of equality and liberty. Liberalisms focus is on the general ideas of fair elections by the people, civil rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, free trade, and private property. As with all things though, the way the idea of liberalism can viewed differ by each individual person and the trails they have gone through. Liberalism is no exception from this phenomenon and during the nineteenth Century there were many trails changingRead MoreAnalysis Of David Hume s Theory Of Justice2868 Words   |  12 Pagesownership. David Hume defined property as nothing but a stable possession under the mutually respected understanding of society. Basically, Man creates society to enforce justice which allows man to own and use property as he desires. A grand idea but is it so simple? If Man creates society to protect this arbitrary concept, does society have the right to take this right away? John Rawls felt that society was responsible for deciding who properly owns property, whether it s individually or communallyRead MoreWhat Does It All Mean? By Thomas Nagel1760 Words   |  8 Pagesthat philosophers encounter to give responses. In every chapter, Nagel talks about different consequences to a variety of problems. The chapters expose well-known theories that philosophers tested for flaws, in order to give answers. Instead of giving us definitive answers to a situation, he allows us to analyze and derive our own theories after considering the problem at hand as well as past outcomes. Rethinking what we have been programmed to believe is what Nagel encourages us to do, making us wonderRead MoreLeibniz and the Problem of Evil3712 Words   |  15 Pagesit, free-will, and objections to Leibniz’s claims. Thus, in seeking to do this, I shall thread the following course: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. A Brief Biography of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz The Notion of the Problem of Evil Background to Leibniz’s Theodicy Leibniz’s Conception of the Problem of Evil Leibniz’s Account, a success or failure? Conclusion 1. A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF GOTTFRIED WILHELM LEIBNIZ Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1646, his father being a professor of moral philosophyRead MoreAdam Smith And Karl Marx1674 Words   |  7 Pagesmarkets but also individual liberties. For Adam Smith, the free flow of goods and services was part and parcel of the early notions of individual liberties. In other words, Smith understood that the rising specialization of businesses, which would increase with industrialization, would render individuals mere machines in the process of labor and production while concentrating wealth in the hands of the rich. His contemporaries, particularly David Hume, argued that this process was not inductive of buildingRead More An Evolutionary Ethical Theory of Social Risks and Opportunities5257 Words   |  22 PagesAn Evolutionary Ethical Theory of Social Risks and Opportunities ABSTRACT: Social standards guide us in what to do and what to refrain from doing. But can social — moral or legal — standards be trusted? This paper presents an evolutionary ethical theory that generates trustworthy ethical norms. Each norm is assigned a demonstrable risk, called an ethical risk, that depends on both human behavior and danger to the survival of society. The assigned risk is minimal if and only if everybody obeys

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Scientific Method and Life.in Short Science Free Essays

Do you know what is science? Generally, science is a body that seeks to organize knowledge systematically and in a way that is testable and that allow the process of prediction. We are always finding new discoveries, and we are using more modern tools that are more accurate. If it is in right hands then it is a blessing to man otherwise it can make life miserable. We will write a custom essay sample on Scientific Method and Life.in Short Science or any similar topic only for you Order Now Science has made our live easy and comfortable but on other hands it has also created some destructive instruments which give much power to man that’s why we should teach science technically not formally. first we will consider its merits . Science is man’s helpmate. In the field of health modern techniques of science are being introduced. Difficult surgical operation have become routine in the field of medicines. it is the science that has helped the blind to see,deaf to hear and lame to walk. Life has been quick,easy and luxurious with the invention of many types of machines i. e air conditioner,mixture,refrigerator etc. Invention of car,aeroplane and rockets etc have shortened the distance. Atomic energy is another recent scientific achievement. Atomic reactors are producing cheaper source of power and energy. The computer and internet has brought great change in our life. In short science is the key of success. On the other hand science has some demerits also. science has provided us with fearful weapons of human destruction. Science has given us atom bomb and hydrogen bomb. These inventions have opened up with frightful possibilities of bacteriological warfare,all of which can wipe out entire nation in no time. Computer is the most wonderful invention but the misuse of computer is creating many problems like student waste their time in net cafe’s and in playing video games. People are going away from healthy way of life. Children learn from their parents, siblings, other relatives as well as from teachers. They learn from movies, television, radio, magazines as well as from schoolbooks and the school environment. Science teachers should exploit the rich resources of the larger community and involve parents and other concerned adults in useful ways. It is also important for teachers to recognize that some of what their students learn informally is wrong, incomplete, poorly understood, or misunderstood, but that formal education can help students to restructure that knowledge and acquire new knowledge. Looking at the two aspects of modern science,we conclude that science by itself is neither good nor bad. it is the will and intentions of man,which makes him,put it to constructive use or take it to the path of devil. Science is knowledge of observation and analyzing facts. There is nothing good or bad with science. It is like knife, which may be used to cut branches of trees or vegetables and at the same time could be used to cut the throat of a man. It is all to man how he uses it. How to cite Scientific Method and Life.in Short Science, Papers

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What role do competing political interests play in Essays

What role do competing political interests play in the implementation of poverty reduction policies? Poverty is a universal term and poverty elimination is a universal motto. Poverty destroys individuals, societies and nations. Poverty is hunger. Poverty is lack of shelter. It is the state of being sick but unable to see a doctor (Gordon et al., 2003). It is the condition which doesn't allow one to have basic necessities in life. Poverty is the condition of not having a job and no resources to live with. It brings fear of future. It is the synonym of powerlessness, lack of representation and freedom (Gordon et al., 2000). Poverty can retard the overall growth of a society. It can negatively affect the progress of the nation itself. "Poverty is produced by circumstances, not individuals," (Fincher Wulff, 1998). Economic crisis increases the so-called 'poverty sector', leading to joblessness and social unrest. A proper planning and a better utilization of the available resources of the nation will lessen the poverty level to a great extent (Narayan Parker, 2000). Diverting the existing resource to the disadvantaged people is the need of the hour. Every nation needs a proper governing authority to plan, accomplish and accelerate its growth. In developing countries especially, governments and political parties lead the show and try to bring progress to the society and stability to the economy by eliminating the curses like poverty. The ruling party and other political parties try to uplift the general status of the society and go deep into the problems and grievances of the people to a certain extent. Even though they do have opinion disputes and conflicts among them, they contribute a lot for the progress of the society and nation (especially rural areas where poverty is still a problem) (Pantazis, Gordon Levitas, 2006). Political interests and competitions play a major role in eliminating poverty from the nations. In the third world countries especially, political parties contribute a lot for the development works. Political parties try to perform well during their ruling tenure and take various actions for the negatively privileged sections of the society. They try to look into the agonies of the people of ill developed areas since such areas have the majority of the population in it. These less developed areas would be eagerly looking forward for a government which can help them to improve their total grade. No political party can ever think of getting rule in their hand without the votes of these majority weaker sections. So these thickly populated less developed areas are very important as far as political parties are concerned. They try to give alluring promises in their election campaign so that they can drain the votes of these areas. Filling the manifesto with various poverty reduction policies will definitely help the political parties to get the ballot in their favour. Poverty reduction will be the proclaimed motto of political parties of less developed countries. When they come into rule, these parties try to implement their poverty reduction policies to a certain extent at least. Political parties are very well aware of the fact that unless they bother about the poverty-stricken areas, nation will not see any progress in general and also they will not get the following election in their favour. Increasing number of political parties has thus favoured the development of nations in many ways. Progress of the nation is the declared motto of politics though we should doubt how far it is true in the cases of certain countries that have a corrupted political atmosphere. Interest groups play a major role in the flow of democracy, especially in developing countries. Numerous interest groups exist in countries where there are more issues and problems. A political interest group can be a group, who tries to influence the government in order to get their interest about the society done. These political parties, especially the main opposition parties can fight to get their demands met by the government. In certain cases opposition parties perform extremely well and they do represent the weaker sections. They can point out the flaws and weaknesses of the ruling party and can help them improve their rule. These competing political forces are of different nature. They vary in their size, ideology, policy focus, influential capability, and mode of representation. For example, some groups may focus on certain issues or geographical areas and some may be interested in certain special topics. Also there are certain political groups who work on broader areas of public policy. Certain interest groups focus on government alone to get their demands done whereas